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13th March 2018

Pen Pal Excitement March 2018

This term, Year 4 are learning all about different types of friendships. Luckily, with connections through Kate, Buckingham Preparatory School ( in Middlesex, England, contacted us and asked us to be their pen pals!

Year 4 in this school, are studying Ancient Rome in History, so what a great chance and perfect match!

This is us receiving our first letters.

We were all so excited!

We have now sent our replies and hope the postal service delivers them safely.

What a great way to meet new friends!

Below is a photo of our pen pals posting their letters

Click her to go to the Gallery: Pen Pal Excitement


Celebrating Rabbie

Students in Year 4 were treated to an extra-special induction into UK life on January 25th. To celebrate Robert (Rabbie) Burns’s birthday Year 4 learned a Scottish version of Humpty Dumpty. The students had fun practising their Scottish accents and learning ‘auld ‘Scots words. Here are some of Year 4 performing the Scottish version or translating it!

 To see all the videos, click here!


Rainbow Mindfulness Walk

Year 4 went on a Rainbow Mindfulness Walk today. We chose the colours of the Rainbow and prepared our sketchbooks, so that we could draw anything we saw on our walk, in each colour. We couldn’t believe how many things we saw!



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