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Year 6 The Taming of the Shrew

10th June 2014

Year 6's version of this Shakespeare play, opens with Christopher Sly, a drunken chauvinist, trying his luck with a barmaid. A passing lord decides to teach Sly a lesson, so has his men take him away to his mansion, where they convince this lecherous character that he is a lord himself!

In the mansion, a play is staged for Sly, in which Petruchio, a nobleman, marries a 'wild' young lady and proceeds to tame her... by treating her dreadfully! All kinds of unacceptable behaviour and mean tricks are played on Katherine by her arrogant husband until she becomes submissive and obedient.

Conversely, other wives in this play-within-a-play are not disciplined so unkindly by their husbands. Indeed, Lucentio and the fair Bianca (Katharine's sister) initially seem like the perfect match, yet with time Bianca becomes 'headstrong' and unruly. The same can be said for the rich widow, who Hortensio decides to marry when it becomes apparent that Bianca is spoken for.

Waking up in the street, Christopher Sly decides that play he had seen must have been a dream. Nevertheless, it has taught him how to 'tame a shrew'. Keen to test out some Petruchio-style wooing techniques, he re-enters the bar and tries his luck once more with the barmaid. BIG mistake! She teaches Sly a lesson of her own choosing.


On the 10th of June at 14:00, Year 6 will perform for their fellow students.

The evening performance for parents and others will be at 18:30.

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