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Year 13 Student Report

2nd December 2015

Year 13 Student Report


Each year a student is chosen to deliver the student's report at the school's AGM. This year it was Giorgio Basile in Year 13. Here are his reflections on The New School Rome: 



Good evening parents and teachers. Let me start of by saying how deeply honoured I feel to have been chosen to speak on behalf of my peers about this school, it’s a real privilege.

As part of my speech I was asked to think about what this school meant to me. I confess I had never really thought about it, but I realized just how much this school defines me today as a student, but most importantly as a person.

For as long as I can remember, my parents were driven by the prospect of me receiving a British education. I can remember the criticism and ridicule from other Italians that followed. Yet to this day, I myself consider it to be one of the best choices they made for my future.

In today’s world, the fierce competition my generation will have to face is a daunting prospect. Whether it is university or the job market, the fear of failure is universal for all of us. I am confident in saying that the New-School empowers its alumni with a fighting chance for success. A sentiment which might seem arrogant, but is nevertheless made apparent by the standard of excellence each teacher holds true to. I have attended primary school and middle school, I have survived (miraculously) the grind of GCSES and A-levels, and through it all I was always able to count on the dedication and care everyone exemplifies.

We are an eccentric school I must admit. Around 200 students….we call our teachers by first names. But the fact remains, that the attention everyone receives in and out of the classroom is unparalleled. What has astounded newcomers, and is still astonishing to me, is the bond of genuine trust and friendship forged between student and teacher. Which is rare and beautiful to find.

I have personally found mentors in teachers, who have inspired me to achieve my full potential in every area, whether it be academics or extra-curricular activities, all the while instilling me with the virtues of commitment, steadfastness, and respect, which are representative of this school’s community.

My deepest admiration for the school, is for the way of looking at education and learning which it inspires. I realize how privileged I am to be part of this community, and how grateful I am for what it has done for me. It has inspired passion and creativity, taught us to strive for greatness, and reach for the stars. Looking back at my parent’s stubbornness to make the new-school a part of my life at a very young age I am thankful I picked the road less travelled by, as it has made all the difference.

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