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Out of this world - Consequences

6th March 2017

There were a number of extra-terrestrial activities across Key Stage 2 to mark this year’s Book Week. However, one activity in particular stood out. In mixed-age house groups, children from a range of ages collaborated in a GIANT game of ‘consequences’, which required the children to produce out-of-this-world artwork and stellar writing.

For the writing task, we had three main aims:

  1. To have fun
  2. To demonstrate impressive writing skills
  3. To include everyone

Each group received a huge sheet of paper and had five minutes in order to write a sentence or two (or three) in response to a prompt.

When the whistle blew, they had to put down their pens and hide their work by carefully folding their sheet of paper. The sheet was then passed on to another group. This process was repeated eight times and we ended up with eight tightly folded sheets of paper, each containing a never-read-before mismatch story.


We had a lot of fun reading these stories together and the teachers were impressed to see that children had employed ambitious vocabulary and sentence structures!

But don’t just take our word for that; please read the example below.  

Her name was Spacey Super-Slug. She weirdly wore a dress made from mad five year old livers. Her shoes were bright purple clogs with mechanical robot wires attached to her weird flip-flops. She strangely wore octopus jeans, weirdly ripped by snakes.

Surprisingly, his name was Spartos. This hero always wore a pair of pink and smelly socks and an extra-large size red T-shirt, accompanied by white underwear on the back. He proudly flattered himself about his multi-coloured hair and his beautiful golden tooth.

Disgusting and gross, nauseous and smelly, they met in the stomach of an enormous space cow, while they were being gradually digested, yet they didn’t panic and ate a melted diamond.

She said, “Let’s try to drill a hole into Earth’s impenetrable surface, so we can see what it’s like inside. The deeper we drill, the more unknown [things] we will eagerly discover. By the way, I’m hungry!”

“Hello, beautiful,” he smoothly whispered, raising his eyebrows. “The sun shines on you. You’re beautiful, beautiful as a butterfly,” he said confidently.

She used her special powers by furtively shielding the planet Greg from potential dangers; with the power of touch, she could assume any form, as powerful or as stupid as that might be.

Then, he used his special powers. The more he madly inhaled, the more his lungs filled rapidly, the more he became full of indescribable energy. Then he would ragingly realise the deadly and nuclear power of the mighty gods, destroying anything in his way.

In the end, the two sheep walked to their chocolate motorcycle, which took them to the cinema to see Star Wars: The Sheep Awakens. Annoyed, they had to put their heads in the popcorn!!! Afterwards, they madly drove their Lamborghini to the alien gelato shop!!!

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