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New School Go Top

14th January 2018

At kick-off,  the New School Under 11s team sat in 3rd place in the RISA Football League, behind two St. George's teams, who both sat pretty on 12 points. 
The fixture list this time round, therefore, presented us with a challenge, but also an opportunity: we were to play both of these St.George's sides.  This Saturday had the potential to either reignite our title hopes, or effectively extinguish them.  In other words, our players saw both their matches as must-win games.
So, when Helen ran on to the pitch as substitute in the first match, and immediately slid the ball through to Adriano in attack, he wasted no time in finding the back of the net. And this goal proved enough to secure the first three points on offer. The New School found themselves level on points with their rivals... for now.
The greens watched from the sidelines as the two host teams faced each other. A draw would have suited The New School, but St.George's B were victorious and went top once again... for the time being.
Next up: St.George's B versus The New School. Keeping her place in the team, Helen once again was the catalyst for the gritty Greens. Receiving an excellently threaded through-ball from Gregorio, Helen fired the ball from a tight angle across the face of goal, and although the ball was destined to find the net, Adriano arrived to make sure it crossed the line.
Gregorio's commanding performance in central midfield was rewarded with a goal later in the game and an excellent defensive display (with Ellis playing sweeper-keeper) meant that The New School conceded no goals on the day that saw them move from 3rd to 1st in the league... 
... at least for now.

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