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24th October 2016

Congratulations to the senior boys' football team who won this year's Mediterranean Cup near Verona. This is the largest schools international football tournament in Europe and pits 12 international schools against each other. Here is Pietro Bordi's account of his team's performance. 


12 New School Rome boys headed out to the Mediterranean Cup ground, not far out of the city of Verona, for their yearly participation in what has almost become a tradition for the School's football team. A group of friends that had barely even played together -- on the same team, or on the same ground, and with the usual expectations. Pass in the first couple of groups, land a decent position in the top five and maybe even reach the semis or, by some stroke of luck, reach the finals. This year however the New School Rome won the entire tournament for the first time ever. 


Having had an unfortunate run in the previous year's tournament and being the smallest team meant that the New School lads were definitely the underdogs. Nonetheless, from the outset they played with passion and diligence; fiercely attacking every ball and challenging even the biggest players. Even so, no one would have ever said that Adalberto would have become such a key player for the team, not allowing any ball to pass his line of defence, or Massimo's cynical finishing in front of goal, as when he weaved through four of Milan's talented defenders and slotted the ball past the helpless keeper. Even Edoardo, our improvised goalie, who had never played between the sticks before, pulled off a phenomenal performance throughout conceding only 3 goals in the entirety of the tournament. 


The heart of the team lay in Tommaso, the team's captain, who ran the midfield and the pace of every game with his chance-creating vision and relentless challenging, thwarting counterattacks at their inception.

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