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Blood Brothers

12th April 2015

Blood brothers


Congratulations to everyone involved in the annual school play. Blood Brothers was a complete triumph for teacher of English Sandra and her team. 



" This play has been an amazing opportunity to perform on a proper, professional stage a challenging play.

It gave me , and I am sure every member of the cast , an occasion to become more responsible and improve our acting. It has also been extremely fun and I will certainly repeat this experience in the upcoming years. "   Claudia Macaluso Year 7




"It was an incredible and awesome experience. It made me feel more confident. It was really funny and I enjoyed it a lot." Bianca Faelli Year 7 


" Practising for the play was quite challenging and every day I got more confident with my acting and my lines. I remember the first days I was terrified about thinking about acting on the stage. Sometimes it was a bit boring when we had to wait for people to get their lines right but for most of the time it was fantastic!" Giovanni Bordi Year 7


" Thankyou so much for such a great experience! I enjoyed myself so much and I hope I can do the play again! I know I might have forgotten my lies a lot but I patched it up and enjoyed myself so much! Thankyou Sandra for the best play I've ever seen or been in! " Oscar Adams Year7. 




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