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Battle in the Colosseum - written by Anders Year 4

25th May 2014

Battle in the Colosseum

By Anders - Year 4

There I was facing a Retarius Gladiator, a very hairy one if I might add.  He was armed with a trident and a net, while all I had was a mere sword and shield. 

The battle began.  He started to charge at me, not a very good strategy.  I had gone to gladiator school so that's how I knew about strategies and what-not.

But then I realise he wasn't charging AT me, but AWAY from ... A LION!

After he and I calmed down we met in the middle, sword versus trident.  I gave him a big push and he fell back.  I didn't suspect that he was going to throw his net at me quite yet, but that's exactly what he did. 

We were both on the ground now, me because I fell under the weight of the net and him because I had pushed him and he had sprained his ankle. 

About that time I noticed that the lion was charging towards him, not me.  But at the last second the Retarius lashed out with his trident and slayed the beast.  I was already on my feet by now but so was he.  We started circling around each other, the heat of battle raging all around us.  Then right before he was going to lunge at me, I leapt into the air and plunged my sword deep into his heart. 

It was all over.  I had won.

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