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Art trip to Venice Biennale

22nd November 2015

The winding alleyways aside turquoise canal waters accompanied with a thick veil of fog made my experience in Venice all the more surreal.  Static roads were replaced with tidal canals, cars and bikes were replaced with boats and gondolas; it was as if a sub-aqueous civilization surfaced to host the Biennale. The Biennale only added to the eccentricity, with the wildest forms of the artists imagination projected into their respective countries’ exhibits. The theme of the Biennale was “All the World’s Futures”, however instead of displaying what the future will be, the curator decided to use the past as a guide to predict how the future will turn out. The result was an eclectic mix of modern technology and archaic tools, perplexing me to no end. The sheer number of countries participating in the event led to the display of dozens of countries’ pasts furthering the chaos. However amidst all the confusion a common theme rang out: the struggles faced by people around the world. The different emotions exploited by these exhibits made the event seem as if we were looking into the psyche of a rioting mass. The violence of the music, the movement of the projections and tourists, made the pieces almost alive instead of dead works hung on walls. Each piece screamed, “People have power!”,  a message that still rings through my head. 

Sebastian Wah

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