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Antics at Ostia Antica!

8th June 2016

Students in Years 3 and Year 4 visited the wonderful ruins of Ostia Antica on May 31st.  Karen and Kate had organised a photo trail where the students had to follow a map, find various locations, answer some questions and then match present day photographs with pictures of how it might have looked in Ancient Roman times. 

This is what they wrote the following day.

‘I liked the mosaics that we saw in the Piazza del Corporazione.  The mosaics represented what they sold.  In one there was an elephant.  This was where they sold exotic animals to use in the fights at the Colosseum.’

‘Our favourite place was where they sold fish.  There was a table, mosaics on the floor and a trough where they kept the fish.’

‘The Roman bathroom at Ostia Antica was so cool!  They sat down and chatted with their friends and to clean themselves they used a sponge on the end of a stick!’

‘My favourite place was The Baths of Neptune because it had a mosaic with Neptune in it and I knew it was Neptune because he was holding a trident.’

After the photo trail the students returned to school by boat.  They travelled from Ostia Antica to Ponte Marcone; a total of 37 km which took 2 1/2 hrs.

'I loved the fact that we went back to school by boat. I saw a bird’s nest made from the fluffy cotton seeds of the poplar tree. The man on the boat showed us the nest and let us touch it. It was as soft as a blanket and looked like a white woolly sock.'

'We were all amazed that such an old river is still so attractive and beautiful. Sadly there was some rubbish but we saw fish jumping, a grey heron (Airone cenerino), a purple heron (Airone rosso), lots of turtles, a coypu (nutria) and some ducks.

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