IGCSE English Literature


Cambridge International Examinations

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2 years

Aims of the course:

·         To enjoy the experience of reading literature;

·        To understand and respond to literature in different forms (plays, poetry, prose) and from different periods and cultures;

·        To communicate an informed personal response appropriately and effectively;

·        To appreciate different ways in which writers achieve their effects;

·        To experience literature’s contribution to aesthetic, imaginative and intellectual growth;

·        To explore the contribution of literature to an understanding of areas of human concern.

Overall, this course is highly beneficial to students in terms of developing their communication skills, their general knowledge and empathetic sensibilities.

Levels available:

Grades ‘A*’ to ‘G’

Topics covered:

The range of texts is vast, covering several centuries and many genres. Some examples include works by: Shakespeare, John Keats, Chaucer, Arthur Miller, Harper Lee, Katherine Mansfield, S.T.Coleridge, George Orwell, J.B.Priestly, D.H.Lawrence and Joseph Conrad.


By examination, at the end of the 2 year course and coursework

Assessment details:

Paper 1
The students study 3 set texts on which they are examined at the end of the course.  They must study one play, one novel or short-story collection and collection of poetry.  It is open book so they are allowed to take their texts into the exam.

Paper 2 (coursework)
The students will be able to submit coursework. They will submit a portfolio of two assignments, each of about 600–800 words. The assignments are on literary texts and may take the form of either an essay or empathic response.

Leads to:

AS and A-level English Literature and ultimately English Literature at university level.  Also useful for an enormous variety of degree subjects since it indicates highly developed written and argumentative skills.  Careers in journalism, publishing, law, media, PR, creative industries.