IGCSE Biology


Cambridge International Examinations

Course code:

Biology 0610         




2 years

Aims of the course:

  • To provide a worthwhile and enjoyable educational experience for all students, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level;
  • To enable students to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to become confident citizens in a technological world and to take an informed interest in scientific matters;
  • To recognise the usefulness, and limitations, of scientific method and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life;
  • To be suitably prepared for studies beyond the IGCSE level in pure sciences, in applied sciences or in science-dependent vocational courses.

Levels available:

Core (grades ‘C’ to ‘G’) or extended (grades ‘A*’ to ‘G’)


By examination, at the end of the 2 year course.

Assessment details:

All candidates must complete three papers for each subject taken - biology, chemistry and physics.

Paper 1
45 minutes
Multiple choice paper


Paper 2  Core                   OR
1 hr 15 mins
Short answer questions

Paper 3 Extended
1 hr 15 mins
Short answer questions


All students follow the same course; the decision to enter for the core or extension paper is made after the mock exams in Year 11.


Paper 6
1 hour

Alternative to practical examination. This is a written paper designed to test familiarity with laboratory based procedures.

Leads to:

AS or A-level biology, which provides not only an 'in depth' study of biology but also aims to develop those skills essential for a successful university career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, agriculture, marine biology, veterinary science, etc.