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Blog 13

Investigating Rainbows

"The magic of rainbows inspires those who are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of one."

This week children in Early Years have been exploring rainbows.

When the children were asked, "Where do rainbows come from?" and "What makes a rainbow?" there were a variety of responses…

What do you know already?

Charlotte: They have lots of beautiful colours

Alfio: Ci sono tutti i colori bellissimi, nel sole viene l’acqua

Matteo: rainbows are big and they have lots of beautiful colours

Annie: When the sun comes out and the rain comes down and then the rainbow comes up and then all the people will get happy…..

Elvira: The rainbow is very fun and has lots of colours…….have shinys like a bird

Adam: Rainbows have blue and green and yellow and a bit more green and purple and pink and black and white and red and the people will love it that it will make it colourful

Gaia: Yellow, blue, purple, rosso, orange. Quando piove con il sole.

Andrea: Il sole and the storm.

Max: Ho visto a casa mia quando pioveva c’era il sole. Era gigantesco! Red, purple, green, yellow...


How is a rainbow made?

We watched a short video clip about how rainbows are formed, then Alex remembered….

“I think the sun and the rain makes a rainbow. The light go in the drop and split in all the colours.”

We borrowed some equipment from Matt in the physics lab and used it to make our own rainbows.

We used a prism to make a rainbow and observe light. We were really fascinated by what we saw…


We then investigated even further…

‘That one (the bulb) is the sun and this (the prism) is the water, and I move it (prism) and I can see a rainbow…’

‘The light is coming in the water … is split out all the colours’


Adam and Matteo began to experiment with the prisms, adding more of them and piling them up

We also had fun weaving a colourful rainbow.

We drew rainbows during free play (using the right colours!)

We continued exploring colour by making beautiful  rainbow collages.




Blog 12

Rainbow Birds

On Saturday, 2nd of December, Early Years took part in the Primary Christmas Show, Aladdin. They were extremely proud of their rainbow bird costumes and they danced beautifully in front of lots of families.

The children worked really hard during the rehearsals and we are very proud of them.


As well as practising for the show the children also had lots fun splashing in puddles. The wet weather didn’t stop them from enjoying their outdoor time. As you can see…




“Bad weather always looks worse through a window”


Blog 11

Mud Glorious Mud!

Why Mud Play?

Mud play provides so many opportunities for learning! Mud is the perfect stimulus for exploring and experimenting. The delicious gooey mud can be anything the children want it to be… yummy dinner, coffee, a birthday cake, a bowl of soup, ice cream with chocolate sauce, magical potions and spells. This work is filled with emotional, personal and social value, and offers the context for learning a wonderful range of new and interesting vocabulary and verbal language exchange and expression.

Some of the values that mud kitchens provide for children include:

Please look at your children playing in the mud…



Making vegetable mud soup and muddy spaghetti alle vongole!




Mud Kitchens: A recipe for fun!

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Blog 10 

Investigating colour

This week we have been exploring colour. We are learning our colours and experimenting with colour mixing. We have learnt about primary colours and investigated what happens when you mix them. We discovered that if we mix certain colours together we can make new colours.

We mixed blue and yellow to make green


We mixed blue and red to make purple


We mixed red and yellow to make orange


We mixed red, yellow and blue to make brown


As part of our “Hands On” activity we also had fun rolling rainbows onto large pieces of paper.



Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour to brighten up your day. Please come and see your children’s artwork displayed in their classroom.

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Blog 9

Autumn is here!

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to really use nature to promote the development of children.

Leaves changing colour and falling off trees are noticeable changes that often fascinate children. This simple observation helps them discover more about the world around them. Leaves in their own right have so many incredible benefits from mathematics, sensory benefits, understanding the world and even literacy.


In the next few weeks we will be looking at the changing leaves and collecting pine cones and acorns from the garden. We will be threading leaves and painting an autumn tree. We will also be exploring colour. Children are welcome to bring in something to do with the autumn for show and tell.

In December we will conclude our Autumn topic by visiting The Hazelhut, where we will do a variety of outdoor and indoor activities linked to Autumn.

Leaves, leaves and more leaves…




Hiding under a Persimmon tree!


Hello Autumn!

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Blog 8


The week leading up to half term, children in Early Years learnt about Harvest time and helping people in need. Parents donated food and other essential items like nappies and hygiene products.


We discussed with the children the importance of helping those less fortunate than ourselves.


Celebrating harvest is a time for giving thanks for what we have and thinking about those who aren’t as fortunate. We decided to make a collection for Caritas. Padre Marco came to collect the donations and took them to the  Emporio della Solidarietà.

Barbara: Do you remember what harvest is?

Adam: Yes it’s when you collect food

Gaia : Quando possiamo mangiare tutto quello che abbiamo raccolto

Serena:  I have a lot!

Alfio: I have those biscuits!

Elvira : I have so much much much things!


Barbara: Why have we collected these things?

Adam: It’s for the people that don’t have stuff

Gaia: In italiano si dice poveri… i poveri non hanno queste cose… non hanno i soldi

Adam: We give it to somebody you said in assembly….. Zio Marco will give it to the people who don’t have stuff


We also had a fun week making magic potions, playing with slime and cutting out bats...



And on Thursday we all dressed up for our HALLOWEEN PARTY!



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Blog 7


Conversations can happen anywhere and about any subject. Children use their senses to explore and investigate objects.

Children learn to communicate using language and they use language to learn. Positive interactions and meaningful conversation help them explore, learn and talk with each other.

Children are often happy to discuss their thoughts and ideas.


Max, Elvira and Charlotte are playing in the water tray with soapy water, the big tubes, funnels and jugs……

Charlotte: Look! A rainbow!!!

Elvira: Max put the rainbow in there (poured it into the pipe)

Max. RAINBOW!!!!!

Barbara: Where did it come from??

Charlotte: The light!

Elvira : Look the wall! (the light is reflecting onto it from the water)

Barbara: Where is the light coming from?

Elvira: (she looks at the water and the wall) The water!


They carry on catching the rainbows in the jugs and pouring them into the pipes. Max's leaves.

Elvira: (singing) Rainbow! Rainbow! I catch a rainbow!

Charlotte: We put it like that and like that so we can catch the rainbow

Elvira: We put it here and then go here and then splosh!

Charlotte: Yes, because the water go here and here, that’s why the thing is beautiful. We put bubbles inside (the jug) so we can see the rainbow.

All: (singing) Rainbow! Rainbow! Where is the rainbow?


Children touch, smell and talk about different vegetables...

Camilla: What did you plant?

Alex: Broccoli  (points to the vegetable)

Serena: Radicchio

Annie: I planted cabbage

Camilla: What is it like?


Describing cabbage

Alex: It smells like Broccoli (makes a funny face)

Annie: It feels like squidgy squidgy


Describing broccoli

Serena: It breaks into little ones

Isabella: Look little ones… (breaks off a piece)

Annie: It’s difficult to break it

Serena: It looks like a tree


Describing Radicchio

Alex: It’s pink

Serena: It smells like the cabbage

Adam: I can see white things

Max: It’s red.

Gaia: Puzza!

Adam: It’s stripy.

Bea: Morbida.

Mikel: Me gusta

Charlotte: I like this one, I like the colour. It’s like a circle, it looks like a ball!




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Blog 6

How does our garden grow?

Gardening fun in Early Years, little green fingers get busy!

As part of their hands on activities children in Early Years have been busy planting winter vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and radicchio. We are very proud of our gardening area just below our terrace.



Before planting the vegetables the children looked at pictures and examples of each vegetable.


We look forward to gathering the vegetables when they are ready to eat.

Please come and have a look at our Gardening Area with your children.

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Blog 5



Children in Early Years were very excited this week about taking the school bus to Gymboree. On Friday morning they all arrived on time and after a quick ‘“Good Morning’” song the children got ready to get on the bus. Once the teachers helped them put on their seatbelts, Massimo the bus driver set off for Gymboree!

At Gymboree, the children were split into two groups for their Gymboree session with Giulia and Ella. This week’s theme was bugs in the garden, music and movement.

Click here to visit the gallery and take a look at what your children got up to!


Blog 4

HANDS ON as we grow!

Children are more likely to develop skills when they are having fun and when the skills have meaning for them.

Hands on activities are often complex and children sometimes have to concentrate really hard on what they are doing. When children use all of their senses it helps the brain create pathways that make it easier and quicker to retain information.

In Early Years Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are dedicated to hands on activities such as cookery, gardening, art and craft. These activities also enhance acquisition of language and listening skills.

Please take a look at your children exploring, learning, and interacting…






“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”






Blog 3


Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently and gets children feeling challenged and excited about learning. Children are more active when they play outdoors. It is essential for their healthy development and enjoyment of childhood.


Sir Ken Robinson, leading expert in education, creativity and human development.

Please take a look at some of the things we did…






Much fun was had by all!



Blog 2

Hello Caterpillars and welcome to Early Years!


This week Beatrice, Mikel, Nicholas, Tommaso and Vera joined our class.



They have all settled in nicely, doing a variety of different activities and getting used to their new classroom.

Take a look at what your children get up to after you drop them off in the mornings...

Circle time and free play





Cooking in the mud kitchen!



Meanwhile the Butterflies have settled into their school routine…




Fruit time                                      Model making                               Laying the table for lunch


We also enjoyed our first outdoor day!


We look forward to sharing more photos with you in the next few weeks so please stay tuned!



Blog 1

Welcome back to Early Years!

A very warm welcome to old and new parents at the beginning of this school year. It was great to see so many of your children coming into school with smiles on their faces and we are looking forward to watching them make progress, throughout this year, on their learning journey. We also look forward to having the Caterpillars with us this week.

During these first few days of school the Butterflies have enjoyed exploring their new classroom, dressing up, playing with water and designing things in the workshop.



Have a look at what else the children have been getting up to.

Fun in the classroom



Quiet reading


Making Birthday Crowns


And of course feeding Beyonce!


Please check our weekly blog and share it with your children at home. They will be very proud to show you what we have been doing.


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