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Blog 6

How does our garden grow?

Gardening fun in Early Years, little green fingers get busy!

As part of their hands on activities children in Early Years have been busy planting winter vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and radicchio. We are very proud of our gardening area just below our terrace.



Before planting the vegetables the children looked at pictures and examples of each vegetable.


We look forward to gathering the vegetables when they are ready to eat.

Please come and have a look at our Gardening Area with your children.

Click to see the gallery.




Blog 5



Children in Early Years were very excited this week about taking the school bus to Gymboree. On Friday morning they all arrived on time and after a quick ‘“Good Morning’” song the children got ready to get on the bus. Once the teachers helped them put on their seatbelts, Massimo the bus driver set off for Gymboree!

At Gymboree, the children were split into two groups for their Gymboree session with Giulia and Ella. This week’s theme was bugs in the garden, music and movement.

Click here to visit the gallery and take a look at what your children got up to!


Blog 4

HANDS ON as we grow!

Children are more likely to develop skills when they are having fun and when the skills have meaning for them.

Hands on activities are often complex and children sometimes have to concentrate really hard on what they are doing. When children use all of their senses it helps the brain create pathways that make it easier and quicker to retain information.

In Early Years Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are dedicated to hands on activities such as cookery, gardening, art and craft. These activities also enhance acquisition of language and listening skills.

Please take a look at your children exploring, learning, and interacting…






“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”






Blog 3


Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently and gets children feeling challenged and excited about learning. Children are more active when they play outdoors. It is essential for their healthy development and enjoyment of childhood.


Sir Ken Robinson, leading expert in education, creativity and human development.

Please take a look at some of the things we did…






Much fun was had by all!



Blog 2

Hello Caterpillars and welcome to Early Years!


This week Beatrice, Mikel, Nicholas, Tommaso and Vera joined our class.



They have all settled in nicely, doing a variety of different activities and getting used to their new classroom.

Take a look at what your children get up to after you drop them off in the mornings...

Circle time and free play





Cooking in the mud kitchen!



Meanwhile the Butterflies have settled into their school routine…




Fruit time                                      Model making                               Laying the table for lunch


We also enjoyed our first outdoor day!


We look forward to sharing more photos with you in the next few weeks so please stay tuned!



Blog 1

Welcome back to Early Years!

A very warm welcome to old and new parents at the beginning of this school year. It was great to see so many of your children coming into school with smiles on their faces and we are looking forward to watching them make progress, throughout this year, on their learning journey. We also look forward to having the Caterpillars with us this week.

During these first few days of school the Butterflies have enjoyed exploring their new classroom, dressing up, playing with water and designing things in the workshop.



Have a look at what else the children have been getting up to.

Fun in the classroom



Quiet reading


Making Birthday Crowns


And of course feeding Beyonce!


Please check our weekly blog and share it with your children at home. They will be very proud to show you what we have been doing.


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