Acceptance at The New School is dependent upon interviews, academic testing and reports from previous schools. Enrolment is open throughout the year. 

Initial contact should be made by e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment with the Headteacher.  Where possible we like to meet the parents and the student.  Where appropriate we also like to arrange for the student to spend a day with us for assessment purposes.

Once a place has been confirmed, an application form may be downloaded in the format you prefer by clicking on one of the links below. When the form has been completed, send it by fax, post or as an e-mail attachment to:


The Secretary                                           

The New School
Via della Camilluccia 669
00135 Roma


Tel:  +39 06 329 4269
Fax:  +39 06 329 7546


Download the Application form as a pdf file

Download the application form as a Microsoft Word document